Welcome to Arizona Neuropsychology, P.C.

Welcome to Arizona Neuropsychology, P.C. (AZN), a neuropsychology group practice established in 1999. We serve our clients, their families and our referral sources with respect, understanding and sensitivity to the potentially life-challenging issues associated with neurological and other medical conditions. At AZN, we are committed to excellence in diagnostic assessment, for both clinical and forensic issues.

Assessment and diagnostic services provided by AZN include:

  • Baseline screening of neurocognitive functioning
  • Assessment of memory disorders
  • Diagnosis-focused evaluation for assessment of dementia and related conditions
  • Comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation following acquired injury, stroke or neurological conditions such as MS
  • Geriatric neuropsychological evaluations
  • Evaluations to assess competency and testamentary capacity or address Guardianship, and Conservatorship issues
  • Medical-legal / forensic neuropsychological and psychological evaluations (Civil, Criminal, Fitness For Duty, and IMEs)
  • FAA neuropsychological evaluations (that include CogScreen-AE if required)

Clinical Evaluations

A clinical neuropsychological evaluation is a way to assess brain functioning; for example, language comprehension, intellectual functioning, memory and emotional functioning to name just a few.


FAA Evaluations

The FAA may require a neuropsychological evaluation as a means to determine if a pilot or controller is fit to perform their duties safely.


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